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Frequently Asked Questions

What is the difference between a hydrovac and airvac?

A Hydrovac truck uses high pressure water to break up the ground and the vacuum to suck the slurry while the airvac uses high compressed air to break up the ground and suck up the material dry, then you could potentially re-use the material at your job site if required.

What does a hydrovac vac do?

A hydrovac truck, also known as a “hydro-excavator”. Instead of relying solely on mechanical digging methods like traditional excavation equipment, hydrovac trucks use pressurized water to break up soil and a powerful vacuum system to remove the resulting slurry. This method is gentler and less likely to damage underground utilities, making it ideal for locating and exposing buried pipelines, cables, and other infrastructure.

What does a combo/wet vac do?

A combo vac truck combines the capabilities of a vacuum truck with those of a high-pressure water wash/jetting system. In addition to suction capabilities, combo vac trucks feature a water tank and pump to generate high-pressure water for cleaning tasks. They are versatile machines capable of both vacuuming up debris and using pressurized water.

What does a straight vac do?

Also known as a “vacuum truck” or “sucker truck,” a straight vac truck is designed primarily for removing liquids, sludges, and solids from infrastructure such as catch basins, sewer lines, puddles and tanks. Straight vac trucks are generally used for straightforward suction tasks and do not have additional capabilities like high-pressure water systems.

How often should the septic tank be pumped out

Every 2 years or as required.

How far can your boom hose reach?

Between 25’ – 28’ depending on the truck.