Environmental Policy

Load ‘Em Up Ltd. is committed to the protection of the environment.  In fulfilling this commitment, we will:
-We will strive to eliminate hazards that may result in pollution and damage to the environment
-Comply with or exceed legal requirements.
-Comply with other environmental requirements to which the company is committed.
-Set and review objectives and targets to prevent pollution and to continually improve our operations and environmental performance.
-Provide opportunities for interested parties to have input into our environmental management system planning activities.
-Promote environmental awareness throughout our operations.
-Conduct regular audits of our environmental management systems.
-Communicate our environmental performance to all stakeholders in the organization including employees, customers, contractors and other interested parties.

Safety Policy

Load ‘Em Up Ltd. are committed to the protection and well being of its employees and contractors. In fulfilling this commitment, we will:
-Provide and maintain a safe, healthy and secure work environment as measured against accepted industry practices and in compliance with the necessary legislative requirements.
-Strive to eliminate hazards that may result in personal injuries, and/ or illness
-To reach our goal of an accident free workplace, all management, supervisors, employees and contractors must:
-Know, understand, and follow SAFE WORK PROCEDURES AND CRITICAL TASKS.
-Be dedicated to the safety of themselves and other workers.
-Ensure that all employees and contractors receive formal, as well as refresher training for all critical tasks.
-Exercise their right to refuse unsafe work if any employee feels he or she is not able to complete a task safely.
-Complete periodic reviews and participate in group safety meetings to determine weaknesses and re-focus on goals, safe work procedures, and critical tasks.
-Comply with all company policies including safe driving policy


At Load ‘Em Up Contracting we pride ourselves on making sure our employees are properly trained for any type of job. Weather we do it once a year or once a week, we make sure we are competent on the job at hand!

A list for our certifications would include:
-H2S Alive
-Wildlife Awareness
-Ground Disturbance
-CN E-Rail
-POST certified
-Canfor Orientation
-CORE-Safety Driven
-Licence To Transport Hazardous Waste
-Confined space entry